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Digital Transformation

Cloud computing, Big Data, social, mobile and the Internet of Things – in recent years a tirade of tech has propelled organisations into the stratosphere. Digital tools have precipitated a new generation of industries, companies and entrepreneurs that have harnessed tech power and driven a stake through the status quo.

Increased customer value, market disruption, wealth creation – today’s rewards come bigger, faster and more comprehensively than ever before.

Really, companies have a binary choice to make: embrace digital, or become the next Blockbuster. Really, it’s no choice at all. Businesses have to profoundly transform their organisation’s activities, processes, capabilities, systems and culture if they’re to stay relevant.

Onepoint has realised that digital transformation is not just an IT problem, nor is it just a business problem. It’s somewhere in between. In the tech era, an organisation’s IT strategy and business strategy must align. Firms must seize, manage and utilise their data assets to upgrade products and services. Companies need to turn anonymous shoppers into long term relationships. And organisations need to do act and innovate faster and cheaper than the competition.


Enterprise Architecture has long been the discipline that can align business and IT strategy; that can transform and harmonise an organisation. Onepoint digital architects use a capability-driven approach to model and assess your current operations, and to scrutinise present activity alongside future business goals – and the vision-at-large.

By fully understanding the business vision, we can produce a comprehensive architecture blueprint that unites your data, technology and business capabilities in a digital roadmap.

Onepoint’s expertise is deep and broad all across the disciplines of digital transformation. Work with us, and together we can formulate a full digital business strategy that covers every area of your operations – from products and processes to client relations, internal comms and artificial intelligence. By embracing the tools of new tech – and the possibilities of Big Data – we can prime your business for a digital future.


The success of any strategy depends on how it is implemented and managed. At Onepoint, we help firms to govern and safeguard the strategy, often by empowering task groups to ensure stakeholder buy-in and wider internal understanding of the design and rationale underpinning your evolution.


Our approach combines best practice from enterprise architecture frameworks such as TOGAF, Zachman and DYA among others. Our methodology around business motivation is modelled on OMG’s Business Motivation Model (BMM) and Strategyzer’s Business Canvas model. Architecture artefacts are modelled using Archimate, UML and BPMN.

We remain agnostic in our choice of modelling tools – selecting the best solution for the job. We are happy and comfortable also to adapt to collaborators’ own modelling and management protocols.