Our Innovation

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Our innovation

At Onepoint, our expertise goes far beyond connecting, fitting and building with off-the-shelf products.

Across a range of technologies and platforms, we continue to build our own components and modules so that no fix is ever out of reach, and no two technologies remain incompatible.

Whether it’s for client-specific work, or in developers’ free time, we innovate for two key reasons: so our collaborators can access holistic solutions without barriers. And so the responsible evolution of the digital development landscape can continue unabated.

Our components and innovations have fostered much greater compatibility between Talend and various Google platforms and APIs, as well as solutions in Aerospike and Kudu.

Over the years, collaborators have come to rely and trust Onepoint’s bespoke components. By seamlessly integrating firms with the best in technology, businesses can tap into greater efficiency and value, ensuring their existing setup can evolve with minimum disruption.

Onepoint’s certified Talend experts don’t hear the word no. If the marketplace is missing a trick, our talented team step in.

Data integration components

Big data components


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